Thursday, July 4, 2013

Armenian Adoptions, expert on Armenian Adoptions Carolina Adoption Services speaks out, 3 spots open for Healthy Infant Armenian program

Carolina Adoption Services, has had the longest Armenian Adoption program than any other Agency. One of their coordinators (a former Hopscotch employee) speaks out on their Armenian Adoption program.

From: Jeanne Sobie To: ""
Sent: Friday, 28 June 2013, 10:15
Subject: [armenian-adoption-interest] Carolina Adoption Services

Hello, I wanted to pass along to the group that we have (3) openings in our healthy infant program! This program should have expected dossier to referral time of 24-36 months. At least one parent must be able to demonstrate Armenian heritage. Non Armenian Families are accepted into the Special Needs/Waiting Children (including infants) program, there are many Armenian children with needs looking for their forever families.

Please feel free to contact me on my direct line at 440-773-0533

Jeanne Sobie
Family Coordinator
1-800-632-9312 / 440.773.0533 (direct) / 336.273.9804 (fax)

Orphans of the Genocide makes it's way to all 50 states and around the world

The last 2.6 months have been filled with busy tours for the film maker and friend of "Orphans of the Genocide" it has been shown in MA, NY, FL, AZ, and now makes it way to our brothers in Paris, France on July 12th. It will be shown in Southern California at a PBS affiliate in October 2013 with a big huge party beforehand, details to follow. Here is the information on the France showing. We have about 45 more states to go (except skip the NC one) and to our brothers in Argentina, Urguay and other spanish speaking nations.