Monday, November 8, 2010

Vanessa Kachadurian - Armenian Adoption Adventure STEP 3

If you have gotten this far you are either A) Ready to adopt B) Have chosen an alternative method of adding to your family C) Have given up on the idea and are discouraged by the red tape and lengthy process of uncertainity.
Regardless,if you choose adoption or surrogacy you will still need the paperwork.

Start gathering the documents needed for a Visa and Home Study:
1) Marriage licenses, birth certificates, divorced people the final decree is needed. (note: Armenia does frown on divorces- but not impossible)
2) Financial information: last 3 years of IRS filings, deed to home/property, bankruptcy filings.
3) Medical appointment for physicials
4) Background scan at a recommended location of your home study agency, if they are competent they will have all of this information. All adults in your household will have to have this done.
5) For Armenians it helps to have your baptismal papers and/or letter from your church with the Armenian Diocese seal.
6) Include all charities and other work you have done with children.
7) write a brief bio of your family to give to the home study person. Make sure you are confident of their abilities and ask "how long they have been doing this" and about their licensing. The majority of LCSW DO NOT work for the agency but free lance by the amount of home studies they complete.
8) Make sure your home study agency has spoked to the ASP (Adoption Service Provider) that you have chosen to have the correct wording in the home study.
9) Passport information, or file for a passport at your local post office if you do not have one.
10) Coordinate with your ASP when to file your application with the USCIS. They have increased their fees tremendously and you can be alerted to file before an increase.

A competent home study agency will have a check sheet but it is best you check with what Armenia requires. The agencies will have had you sign a contract by now, some have gag orders and do not want you talking or blogging about your adoption.
Follow their contract, you are the client.


  1. No I am not going broke yet because I don't have any money in defending myself, it is all done for FREE by competent individuals.
    Sonia, don't you have something better to do like harrass the Kennedys? "Taking on the Kennedy's" is a comedy - what did you spend on that - oh that's right $1 million dollars.
    Everyone watch this and you will see what a sore loser is.
    BTW, do you want us to speak with some of the directors so we can get more referrals? Sorry there is only 10 adoptions this year.

  2. vanes jan, chi hosom ek, khent oh yot.

    do not speak to this person, they are obviously disturbed to post such wild things.


  3. Ok, Ok Lusine. We will talk later - call or sype me.
    Pari Luce

  4. 1 Day view of Blog, Welcome Ireland...nice you are showing some interest in Armenia.

    United States 58

    Ukraine 3

    Canada 1

    Ireland 1

  5. Sorry that is not what the register's office says. No healthy infants- in fact only 15 of the 70 available children are healthy.
    and 70% are over the age of 10.
    Gets your facts straight.
    Total to America for 2010 (12) orphan visas with 95% being special needs.
    You should know better than to post incorrect and uninformed information from kool aid fed to you.

  6. Yawn,.......give it up
    sonia the numbers don't lie like some Americans.

  7. P.S. Agram is NOT a personal friend of yours. One meeting doesn't constitute a "friendship" especially since you needed a translator since you don't speak Armenian.
    Agram's trip was paid for by the state department and it was a working vacation to the USA, in fact he brought his family.
    His authority is to investigate the "abandoned" children to validate whether or not they are truly abandoned. As you know the OLD way of open adoption from a pediatrician with the birth mother is over.
    APs cannot bypass the central Adoption authority in Armenia, they MUST be registered for a minimum period of 3 months.
    Agram in fact is the "assitant" to Hamlet who is in that department. That department is the last stage of the adoption processes.

    1) the Armenian adoption committee.
    2) the central Authority registers
    3) the child's status is investigated looking for any known family members.
    4) Local people given first opportunity.
    Then there is a match.

  8. Agram is the assistant to Hamlet WHO is in charge of investigating all abandonment cases. I have their phone numbers and contact information for anyone that needs it.
    "having a home hospitality" visit with someone that cannot communicate in Hayren, does not imply that anyone is "friends" or has any kind of influence over this section of the process. Agram was in DC, they picked the closet person for Agram to "fulfill" his part of the free working vacation, compliments of the US State Department as did Lala G,(Ministry of Women and children's services in Armenia) about 5 years ago. Nothing unusual or special about it.
    Think registration of the available child that is the most crucial and critical step. Agram's department either rubber stamps the status or finds the nearest relative who can or cannot adopt the child or properly relinquish.
    Understand the process.

  9. For someone who declares "they are done with that part of their life" they have an obsessive compulsive behavior problem with trying to play connect a dot.
    How many hours a week you dedicate to this obsessiveness is more time away from playing with your little ones and watching Elmo.
    But I am honored that I am so important. Batman will also find this communication interesting and not particularly helpful to his hard work. The Armenian Media, now that is the best group, is very very interested in the coverage of this. Funny how people crave advertisement and media attention - although it may not be the "attention" that Batman and Robin would advise.

  10. Angry? Who is angry and keeps coming on this blog reading each word and memorizing it.
    SV you cannot fool those of us that are connnected to Armenia, you have not been to Armenia in over 2.6 years and have no reason to before May 2008 nor ever again.
    Agram is a good guy, but he will not be comming back to the USA for quite some time.
    Agram has no power or control of the adoption processes. But he is very friendly with the Italians and so is Hamlet the Minister of that department.