Monday, November 28, 2011

Armenian Adoption-Poor mothers in Armenia forced to give children to the orphanage system

I hear these stories over and over in Armenia and it breaks our hearts for these poor women. A whole generation of children forced into the orphanage system because of lack of food and benefits. No one should feel they are better than these brave mothers or that they have no rights to raise their children!!

GYUMRI. – Family of Arpenik Ghazaryan, 40, mother of two children, is devoid of social benefit for already four months without any reason.
The woman gave her daughter Sona, 14 to an orphanage house and lives with her 1.5 year-old baby in a half-ruined hut.
Arpenik turned to the Gyumri center and asked to visit their home. When the centre representatives arrived, she was alone with her baby. Moreover, she had no electricity as well for several days. Temperature was -10°C outside, while even the oven was not on.
Generally children come back from the orphanage house for the weekend. However, Arpenik could not go to bring her daughter as she had no money for the transport. Both children are out of the list of Gyumri city hall, or any international or philanthropic organizations.


  1. instead of putting band aids on the orphanages how about you rich Americans try more economic development for the villages as a whole.

  2. Because Adoption facilitators have spread money around in a poor country many of these women are now trying to find out what happened to their babies that were adopted out prior to the hague being put in place.
    NO PERSON who has money in the West should feel a sense of entitlement to these children or that they should be adopted because their parents only crime in life is no money to feed their children.
    Our community in Fresno has sponsored many families and our National Raison, ATG and others plant vineyards and create businesses for the families so we can shut down the orphanages.

  3. ^^^ I wish more people could hear what you wrote hear

  4. They do hear, but many don't want to admit they have a sense of entitlement because THEY have money and others don't.