Sunday, February 19, 2012

Armenian Adoption Adventure- The number of Armenian Adoptions to Americans

Soon we will post the numbers to Germany, Italy and our friends in France!!!

2011 22
2010 18
2009 20
2008 29
2007 32
2006 46
2005 20
2004 31
2003 40
2002 27
2001 27
2000 9
1999 14

There are many children living in orphanages, however, ONLY those children whose parents have died, disappeared, or signed a statement of relinquishment of their parental rights, and whose families do not visit them, thus abandoning them, are available for adoption. In addition, consent for child adoption can only be given after the birth of the child.
• Reliquishment Requirements: If biological parents are alive, the biological parents must sign a statement of relinquishment in order for a child to be eligible for adoption.
• Abandonment Requirements: A child's name must be listed on the national registry list for three months before he or she is declared available for intercountry adoption. For this reason, it is impossible to adopt a very young infant from Armenia.
• Waiting Period: The names of children available for adoption are listed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues. A child's name must remain on the list for three months before he/she is declared available for intercountry adoption.


  1. Hopscotch is bringing home lots of children from Armenia...yay for Hopscotch!! This agency has done so much for the children of Armenia!!

  2. Hey Sonia is 11-12 kids a year a lot of children?

    Don't think so!

    Armenia wants their children to stay in their motherland. Only in rare cases where the children are truly relinquished (rare) are they being adopted out. The more healthier children are going to Europe where they have governmental funded adoptions and more friendly relations with Armenia.

    No Adoption Agency is allowed to operate in Armenia. In fact, they are not recognized by the ROA.

    No wonder Robin had to open up business in non-Hague countries like Morocco, Ghana.

    To make up for the decline of children in Armenia. Robin is REALLY trying hard to get more kids. Fantastically hysterical how much Robin is trying.

    Remember I know the President and first lady of Armenia.

  3. AFTER Hopscotch's failed lawsuit- Robin is NOW putting money into a few of the many charities we have for Armenian children.
    I hear from Armenia that Robin is incredibly cheap with paying for children and in ROG stiffed foster parents out of payments she collected from PAPs. Where did that money go?

    Maybe to bribe the police in ROG who harassed some of the foster families?

    Yep, Robin wants to destroy the families of Armenia. You both are not winning any friends by cajoling with the Turkou (and you know what I mean)

    Keep up the nonsense Sonia, you keep doing more damage for Robin than help. She sure didn't defend you in the deposition.
    Robin: "I don't agree with Sonia's actions"

    Yep, that Sonia is immature!!!

  4. Sonia;
    Ask Robin about her relationship with the ROG orphanage director's son.

  5. Hopscotch Adoptions has done so much for their large revenue and nothing more. They reported over $1.3 million in revenue in just 4 years!
    Only NOW is Hopscotch trying to be charitable with their money.

  6. Vanessa jan, we respect you for allowing these posts on here. You have nothing to hide and it shows in you allowing this. On the other hand, Hopscotch Adoptions will not allow any of us to rebut her posts about how much she has done for Armenian children (gag) and for her pocket book.