Monday, March 5, 2012

Armenian Adoption Victory- Hopscotch Adoptions fake victory press release is removed

Hi Vanessa,

This is a serious issue, and I have reported your issue to our manager, actually our website doesn’t support for this kind of press release submission, and under our discussion we have agreed to remove the press release as your request, please refresh the page by using f5.

Thanks for your reminding which let us avoid a big problem.

If you still have problem or some other new problems you find, you can e-mail us at all times.

FPR is not affiliated with the said party.



On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 5:15 AM, Vanessa Kachadurian wrote:


Title: Hopscotch Adoptions Claims Victory Against Serial Cyber Defamer

Complaint and Evidence: This Adoption agency is lying and never received a judgment but a partial reimbursement for their enormous legal fees. She is using this site to discredit me while trying to inflat her own image. Research online there are many articles about this adoption agency who has made over $1.3 million in fees in 4 years.

Username: Vanessa Kachadurian


UPDATE: Attorney Bennet Kelley is once again threatening individuals he has contacted Ursula at Free Press Release and told her that her e mail should not be published. They asked me to take down the truth.
Bennet Kelley cannot continue to use his law license to threaten, intimidate or manipulate.
My response back to Ursula was, Get a court order and I will remove. Mr. Kelley and his "client" do not want the truth they want their version of the truth.

Here is the e mail from Ursula, Mr. Kelley needs to STOP manipulating the media. He doesn't frighten me, I know the law and so do my friends. So Bennet Kelley the wanker believes he can publish what he pleases but others don't have rights? Not so my friends, you ALL have the right to discuss your point of views, your opinions and THE TRUTH.

Hi Vanessa,

We have removed the press release. You can’t post the contents of our e-mail on the blog without our permission. Please remove the information immediately.



Dear Ursula;
I see that Kelley has tried his poison legal pen with you as well. I will remove if you get a court order to do so. Otherwise, I legally own the e mail and it is a matter of free speech and the truth. This is a matter of public interest that Americans must know their civil liberties are being threatened. Not sure why Mr. Kelley is so afraid of being exposed as a liar. Frankly, he dubs me "serial cyber stalker" but I would rather be that than known as a second rate lying attorney who attacks private citizens for telling the truth.

Vanessa Kachadurian


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  2. This pisses off Bennet Kelley that his truth is being questioned (finally)
    Stop lying about your fake press releases and maybe the sites will allow you to keep them up.

    I guess it doesn't matter see most people know that Attorneys are liars. You know what they say "How can you tell a Lawyer is lying?" "His lips are movings"

    That is what average people in this country think of your profession.