Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vanessa Kachadurian, Future of Armenia lies with our children

Vanessa Kachadurian recommends working with the youth of Armenia via COAF, Birthright Armenia and the AYF camps throughout Armenia. Having been a past participant in this programs, I know the value it brings to strengthening Armenia's future. Vanessa Kachadurian



    Nice headline Vanessa...any comment?

    1. i think maybe you miss point of this article. no one doubts most of the children end up in safe hands. but more we question how these people get referral of hayasdan baby.
      children are hidden and saved for adoption, no put on our data base of listings. this is what is wrong, working in the registry office it is bad, very bad see odars come for hye baby to take to strange land, with strange people.
      armenian baby go with armenian family.

    2. No one has ever question the fact that Armenian children end up in "safe hands". It is the process of referral that is being questioned and how particular families with no Armenian Heritage end up with a healthy Armenian baby. This is a crime against the child's culture.
      This poster is correct, there is a huge list of Armenians waiting for a baby that can give them their language, culture and future just as easily as some childless couple in their late 40's or 50's who selfishly want a baby they justify by declaring "I am saving a child" Frankly, I believe the cut off age for a couple or person adopting a baby/toddler under 36 months should be 40 years of age.
      This is what most Armenians and diaspora have a problem with, not to mention the amount of money that is still used to induce referrals.

  2. Sure Anonymous I can comment with much knowledge. But I think I will respond with the newest article out of Armenia "Ending an era of orphanages in Armenia"

    The children deserve more from the government and diaspora than being warehoused for adoption, lanquishing in an insitution, not getting an education.

    We need jobs, education to build the future for the children. Adoption is a band aid and most Americans want infants not the true older - harder to adopt children.

    Start putting your money and efforts into making a future for the children instead of $30,000 to $50,000 for a purchase of a child, then you might have more respect from the diaspora.

    These children adopted do benefit but so do the adoption middle men and adoption agencies. America needs to adapt a model like Europe has and take the profit out of adoption put it into the government's hands.

    Italy,Spain,France and Germany all have fantastic models. Hopefully we can open up adoption to the Armenian diaspora in Argentina and Urguay as they both have strong embassys in Armenia.

    Hope that answers your request. You can justify all you want the removal of a baby from their mother who's only crime was being poor. You can pat yourself on the back a million times and say "I saved a child from the insitituion" but the reality is, that is not true. There is a long waiting list of people in Armenia waiting for babies /toddlers.

    When you see a middle man working for an adoption agency (who are NOT recognized in Armenia) driving a black Mercedes around Yerevan, try to justify this.

  3. BTW anonymous that article also shows that foreign adoption of Armenian children is shrinking. Only 18 thus far in 2012 Jan -June. only half are to the USA (9) spread out among 3 adoption agencies working in Armenia plus the entry of the #1 Adoption Attorney in the USA who is now Hague Acrediated and faciliting American families nicely.
    Sometimes the highest bidder gets the referral, that will change.


  5. Vanessa enjoys having conversations with herself. She frequently makes anonymous comments on her own posts...pathetic.

  6. Sure Sonia Vigilante and you enjoy your love of a pathetic baby seller. Who is still telling non-Armenians they may have a healthy Armenian baby for $50,000.
    Is that what you were quoted?
    The latest goof is an Evangelical Preacher. I was sent his Utube Sermons from someone in Armenia that is laughing their ass off at the clients/suckers your buddy gets.
    So Sonia, I am now addressing you and your sad little life that you are SO interested in what myself and my friends say you always come over her and try to post something that isn't even accurate.
    1/2 Armenian? hardly YOU are the 1/2 Armenian Sonia Talbot
    from the same loser state that Bennie the crook is from Rhode Island.
    Bennie is having so much fun with my friends that are Internet Attorneys. Trying to revitalize his nothing career like his client is doing with her silly marketing.

    Sonia Sonia Sonia, you harassed me and my witnesses and friends. The truth is all out and more to come.

    P.S. you have no way of knowing your daughter is 100% Armenian - the birth papers in Armenia are contrived and doctored up. Besides it's not important, her poor mother was a good person. Just poor and forced to give up her daughter to wealthy westerners.

  7. anonymous no name, if Vanes is talking to herself, why you come on here?
    think about that and look how you behave against hye peoples, you selfish people no come to armenia except to buy baby.

    you come here and i will meet with you.