Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Armenian Adoptions 2012 to the United States of America (19)

The count for adoptions in 2012 from Armenia to the USA was 19 adoptions In 2011 it was 22 In 2010 it was 18 The number remains steady and stable with neither a major increase or decrease http://adoption.state.gov/content/pdf/fy2012_annual_report.pdf


  1. ench a germani, franci, italizi

  2. Hi, you are asking how many armenian children were adopted to Germany, France and Italy.
    Unofficially from my ministry sources:

    France 16
    Italy 7
    Germany 2
    Sweden 2

    46 total to international adoption. However America's numbers are fiscal year Sept to Sept. There were a few last minute ones the last quarter of 2012 that will be counted toward 2013

    looks like other countries are showing an interest with large Armenian communities: Argentina (with a nice new embassy in Armenia) England, and even Uruguay. Good strong Armenian populations there.