Sunday, April 28, 2013

Armenian Adoption - Orphans of the Genocide, interview with ME TV and actor Ken Davitian

We had over 12 media interviews with Actor Ken Davitian and film maker Bared Maronian for the debut of the documentary "Orphans of the Genocide" This was a success we have requests from PBS stations throughout the USA to air this well documented and researched film. Having worked on this for over 13 months it was a personal success for me as well. I want to thank the medical and Armenian community of Fresno for supporting this story of our families. Next it will show at WMHT out of Troy, NY on June 6th at 8:00 pm. Many people have made mention of a certain Adoption Agency or orphan group that is claiming they had sponsored or had something to do with this. Disclaimer: The documentary, was never promoted by this group, nor did this have anything to do with this adoption agency in any way shape or form. The Los Angeles Showing was sponsored by the Western Prevalcy of Los Angeles Armenian Church. Not sure why particular individuals want to take credit or exploit a horrible time in history for any personal gain. It is misleading to misinform people of the facts. Having personally worked hard on this for over a year and then have an Adoption Agency who unsuccessfully try to sue me for ??? (how do you sue truth) try to claim credit is very low but telling about the ethics and truthfulness. Interesting that I am hearing one of her past supporters (and employees) is now working for her competitor and former employer Carolina Adoption Services. We in fact all support this orphan group as well as the other 20 groups that sponsor orphanages and families of Armenia Thank you everyone that has been writing, calling and skyping. We move forward to promote this documentary worldwide. (P.S. Thanks for my boss for being understanding of my time away from other projects, I am working 24/7 to play catch up)

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