Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Armenian Adoption is it for you? an email from someone researching

Copy of e mail and response:

We have been researching adoptions and have learned that it is a slow and hard process that changes without notice. Our options are few, we have very few countries open to us for small babies or children under the age of 3. Ghana is closed, Morocco is closed, Russia is closed and more slowing down or under scrutiny.
Is Armenia a viable program for us since we are not Armenian and so few adoptions are conducted to the USA out of that country?

Thank you
Jennifer and Curt Martin Illinois.

Dear Mr. and Mrs Martin;
It is difficult to answer that as you say there are so few children available from Armenia. You didn't mention if you wanted a healthy infant or would consider a special needs children. Many are mild to moderate but fixable like the clef babies, but they are actively conducting the surgeries most of the infants come from small villages with these minor fixes. As it sits there is under 22 adopted to the USA, with over 60% being special needs.

There is around 65 every year adopted internationally, with about 1/3rd going to America and the remaining going to: Germany, Sweden, Italy, France. Bare in mind the country has a list of residents that are looking to adopt as well and they would take first precedence as the country is trying to retain the roots, culture of their children it is important to have Armenian surnames for these children.

There is 3 adoption agencies that deal with Armenia, 2 of these agencies discourage those that are non-Armenian and make no promises. The third one will state that it is 3-4 years and $50,000 for a healthy infant. Beware of any promises and check into the other countries that remain open and are newer programs seem to have a faster program: Columbia, Uganda, Bulgaria (was under scrutiny but now open) Good luck!


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  2. Because she respects me for telling the truth and the other 20,000 views for my page.

    Thanks for the post and call, and no she is not from Washington that woman is very nice but not Armenian that was allowed to adopt an infant at the age of 53 years of age.

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