Sunday, August 4, 2013

Armenian Adoption Adventure, "Baby Sellers" world premire on Lifetime August 17,2013

This made for TV film is a factual account of many adoption agencies and mosaic of several different incidences that have happened in International Adoption.  Many psuedo writers contributed to this film and actual court cases have been compiled.  I had a chance to review the film, and it is excellent.  Kirstie Alley was a great choice to play the cunning adoption agency owner who is sugar sweet religious on the outside and on the inside a ruthless business owner.  Kirstie, herself is an adoptive mother of 2 American children.  She is very attractive, with emerald green eyes, and a whacko sense of humor.  We enjoyed meeting her at the sneak preview in Los Angeles. 

Please watch this film on Lifetime August 17, 2013.  A synopsis written by my friend:

Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Kirstie Alley and three-time Daytime Emmy® Award winner Jennifer Finnigan star in the Lifetime Original Movie “Baby Sellers.” The provocative film, from prolific and multiple Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning Robert Halmi, Sr. (“Human Trafficking”, “Tin Man”), is a chilling account of the brutal and horrific realities behind the global illicit trade of selling children, many kidnapped from their homes, under the guise of seemingly regulated adoption.

Exposing the dark international crime enterprise of infant trafficking, "Baby Sellers" stars Alley as Carla Huxley, a well-respected, influential owner of a major U.S.-based adoption agency that helps prospective parents fulfill their dream of having a family. While presenting an innocent veneer of kindness and good intentions to her trusting clients, behind-the-scenes Huxley functions as a ruthless international kingpin, controlling an expansive syndicate spanning the world and manned by subordinates authorized to use any means necessary to procure children for her business. Jennifer Finnigan ("Close to Home", "The Bold and the Beautiful") stars as Nic Morrison, the dedicated, tough-as-nails Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who believes Huxley is fueling a global business that stops at nothing to find the right child for the right owner – at the right price – and goes undercover to bring her sordid operation down.

Shot in India, Brazil and Vancouver, the two-hour film is produced by Reunion Pictures. Halmi, Sr. and Matthew O’Connor (“Continuum”, “Alice”, “Tin Man”) are executive producers, which is directed by Nick Willing (“Neverland”, “Alice in Wonderland”) from a screenplay written by Humanitas Prize winner Suzette Couture (“The Last Templar”, “Jesus”) and William Gray.


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