Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dan Rather Discusses New Documentary About International Adoption

Whether you are pro-international adoption or not, no one likes the huge number of adopted children who end up being "re-homed" or "disrupted".  This is being done via the internet, the transfer of a child from one home to the other.

Adoption advocates and Adoption Service Providers aka Adoption Agenices, will lie and declare that Russia was closed down because of political reasons.  The truth is, too many of their children were being re homed and not treated very humanely by these so called "evangelicals" that have adoption ministries to save all the orphans and widows.

This excellent research by award winning journalists Dan Rather is heartbreaking especially being Armenian as Ethiopia shares a religious and cultural kinship with Armenians for over 2 centuries.  Our alphabet is identically and written both by Mesrop Mashdots.  We maintain an Armenian Church in Addis Abba.  The king of Ethiopia in 1923 adopted 40 Armenian boys that were orphaned from the Armenian Genocide. 

Our brothers are being victimized by unscrupulous adoption agencies. 

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