Friday, November 6, 2015

Armenian Adoption of Special Needs Down Syndrome from Armenia

Another Special Angel from Armenia is being RESCUED by yet another self indignant, self righteous nut this one is from Michigan.
Save the praises for her - and adoration, she is purchasing this child and it's not cheap. 

This poor little "Homie with an extra Chromie"
could have stayed with her family had Robin spent $200,000 to
improve the conditions in Armenia for special needs children instead
she unsuccessfully tried to sue me for ??  That didn't work, nor trying to
harm my reputation, by calling me "crazy" and stirring up trouble via
her nutcase attorney Bennet Kelley<---loves to represent people who are sleazy

Here is Ms Obenauf's tasteless self adoration (hold the applause for this child savior-wait till she is home and
reality of raisng a special needs down syndrome child set in)  Obenauf is even selling T Shirts to raise money
for the adoption.  Does Obenauf know that the USA's foster care system is full of down syndrome babies looking
for a home.   Robin probably doesn't share that part with these do gooders.

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