Monday, January 3, 2011

Armenian Adoption Adventure, Armenian Children's Christmas Hantes

Shenoraavor nor dari Yev pari gaghand, Merry Christmas
We got back from our Christmas Hantes (Hon tes) which is a "show" for children to put on. Here are some photos from our dress rehearsal, we are pooped out. We did 2 run thrus and our darling did fantastic. Please consider your child being involved with your local Armenian children's events.
The little baby is my cousin's girl named "Aghvor" (Aag vor) means "Beautiful one"
She was born in Armenia but they live in the USA now, Aghee as we call her kept breaking away and wanting to dance with her cousins.

Some of you have asked for the names of Armenians, I promise we will put out the most common ones and their meaning. In the meantime, there is an excellent book called "Armenian First Names" by Nicholas Awde and Emanuela Losi by Hippocrene Books, Inc.,

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