Friday, March 11, 2011

Armenian Adopted Girl Needs Air Ambulance To Reach Nashville

Adopted Girl Needs Air Ambulance To Reach Nashville: "It took two years to complete the adoption, but now a mid-state couple's new daughter could die before she ever gets to Tennessee."


  1. FYI the hospitals in Armenia are sterile and the doctors do wear gloves. There is also a great medical university there where many international medical students attend.
    please help if you can.

  2. 300 to 350 doctors in armenia per 100,000 capita

    Speaking at a function, Recep Akdag, Minister of Health of Turkey, pointed out problems of Turkey`s health system.

    Turk Time reports that the minister pointed out essential changes in the system. On the other hand he mentioned problems. Turkey is among the 53 states in the World Health Organization (WHO) list. However, with respect to the number of doctors, Turkey is behind not only European states, but also Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, Minister Akdag said. He stressed that 150 doctors per 100,000 are registered in Turkey, whereas 330 to 350 doctors per 100,000 are registered in the aforementioned countries.