Friday, March 4, 2011

Armenian Adoption Adventure is Armenian Scouting in your child's future? Homenetmen

Some of our local smallest members of Homenetmen (Armenian Scouts)

Please consider having your child join one of our Homenetmen troops, we participate in many activities an Olympiad and civic duties such as the flag raising ceremonies at City Hall for the Genocide Recognition day April 24th.

This is a fun group to be involved in, they teach survival skills and have many fun
events like mountain climbing, horseback riding and fishing.

Dating back to 1910, Armenians living in Constantinople participated and prospered in various athletic groups. One of the coaches of these groups, Shavarsh Krissian, with the help of his periodical “Manramarz” publicized the need to unite all Armenians under one organization. Unification plans were halted as in 1914 World War I began. Soon after in 1915 the Armenian Genocide tragically took the life of Shavarsh Krissian as he along with other Armenian intellectuals and leaders were killed at the Ayachi prison in Bosporus.
With the end of the war, a new group of Armenians set out to continue Krissian’s dream. Seven Armenians convened a meeting in Constantinople on November 16, 1918 in order to unite all of the Armenian athletic groups under the name “Homenetmen” (Armenian General Athletic Union and Scouts). The participants of the Homenetmen Constituent Meeting were as follows: Grigor Hagopian, Dikran Khoian, Levon Hagopian, Karlo Shahinian, Haig Jizmejian, Vahram Papazian, & Jirair Khorasanjian.
The first Homenetmen Executive Committee was formed on December 16 of 1918. After its establishment in 1918, four Homenetmen chapters were soon opened in various Constantinople neighborhoods.

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