Thursday, August 18, 2011

Armenian Adoption Adventure- Gyumri based orphanages are overloaded

As the economy worsens in Armenia, many parents are faced with the hard decision of finding care for their children with serious health problems. No parent should have to give up their children because they fear they will not be able to provide for their children. Armenia needs to create jobs for these families and more training. As it sits as many as 200 people a day migrate out of Armenia to find jobs in Russia, Dubai and Turkey many times having to do jobs no one else will perform. Majority leave their children behind, these children are not parentless they are only in a situation where the government is not fully supporting the Armenian family. The particular vulnerable ones are the people who live in villages which are depopulating at a drastic rate. Those of us that supply aid to orphanages must also support family based projects that keep the families together and supports the foster care program.

Gyumri-based orphanages and boarding facilities are overloaded. 129 children with serious health problems live in Children’s Home. 150 children of whom 74 without parental care live in Trchunyan Tun orphanage. 80 children attend Fridtjof Nansen Boarding School N 2 for child care and protection.
It is noteworthy that while a process of deinstitutionalization is underway in the whole world, in Gyumri orphanages are overloaded. Children who have been abandoned by their parents for whatever reason live in these institutions.
This is happening in a country which promotes big families. Hard social conditions force many parents in Gyumri to give their children to others to take care of them.
Paylak Fahradyan, Gyumri