Monday, December 26, 2011

Armenian Adoption Adventrue - Art Auction organized for children with cancer in Armenia

This group is connected to the Children’s Hospital of Central California and City of Hope for Children. Recently Billionaire American (and former Fresnan ) Mr. Kirk Kerkorian donated over $5 million to our hospitals foundation. We have had over 5 children from Armenia treated in these hospitals without any cost to the parents. Thank you to Dr. Karine, Dr. Anoush, Dr. Tehrani our special Armenian Medical Angels. The best Pediatricians in the USA.
Children's Hospital Central California received its largest single gift in history as prominent businessman Kirk Kerkorian gave $5 million to support the hospital's implementation of technology infrastructure.
The donation, on behalf of the Lincy Foundation formed in 1989 by Kerkorian, will help the Madera hospital enhance patient care through centrally accessible electronic records, mobile technologies such as handhelds, tablets and workstations and delivering instant patient data to doctors and nurses.
In addition, the donation will also go toward exploring a physicians' fellowship program and increase its research infrastructure.
“This transformational gift will help our pediatric specialty physicians, nurses and staff maintain and improve our unique services," said Gordon Alexander, president and CEO of Children's Hospital, in a press release. "Most importantly, it gives us advanced tools to better care for every family’s most cherished treasures—their children.”
Kerkorian, a Fresno native, is well known for his business activities in Hollywood and Las Vegas and also as president and CEO of private holding company Tracinda Corporation.
Originally formed to help the victims of the devastating 1988 earthquake in Spitak, Armenia, the Lincy Foundation supports numerous charities with funds provided solely by Las Vegas-based Tracinda Corp. Last February, the foundation made a grant of $110,000 to the Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School in Clovis to cover school expenses and scholarships for needy students.
YEREVAN. - Around AMD 10 million was collected during the auction organized by Armenian Ameria bank for supporting 17 children suffering from cancer and hematological diseases. 30 paintings were presented during the auction which belonged to famous artists.
“For a long time we were trying to decide what gift to present for the Holidays and so we decided to help sick children. We organized such an auction last year and with the collected AMD 19 million we were able to save 6 children. This year we suggested our artist friends to participate in the auction,” the director of Ameria bank’s development department Tigran Jrbashyan stated.
At the end of the auction Jrbashyan announced that Ameria bank will double the collected money


  1. There you go again taking credit for things you have nothing to do with.

  2. In fact Sonia I am publishing your post because I have nothing to hide. I am very very active with this groups and have been since the AYF days. Not like your lying narcistic, "Johnny come Lately" Robin, who is NOW giving some money to our many charities and is NOW re branding her $1.4 million business as "Not for profit, for kids"
    Oh what a laugh that is. About as funny as her Bulgarian "Granny Program" Do you even know the history of Bulgarian Adoptions, probably not. Well you should, I have several friends who adopted out of there before it was closed down about 4 years ago.

  3. You must really be disturbed by all the reports about you in the mediation and deposition.
    Even your threats toward me and my family were mentioned. Here is an excerpt:
    Attorney Adams:
    Ms. Sizemore, are you aware of all these financial threats and online insults to Ms. Kachadurian by Sonia Vigiliante.

    Plaintiff Sizemore:
    Yes, now I am. I am not happy with this or agree with this type of behavior. I asked Sonia to stop it.

    Attorney Adams:
    Did you see these postings to Cynthia Allen, that Sonia Vigiliante clearly makes reference to Defendant Kachadurian "in the fight of her life and we are going to bankrupt you"

    Plaintiff Sizemore:
    Yes my Attorneys made this available.

    Attorney Adams:
    Why would Ms. Sizemore think that witness Ms. Allen is Ms. Kachadurian?

    Plaintiff Sizemore:
    I dunno.

    That was classic, but the part about the 3 would be clients that broke their contract with Hopscotch was the funniest.

    from the mediation report:
    The plaintiffs attorneys had failed to release the contact information of would be adoptive parents who had canceled their contracts before they even had home studies conducted.
    After filing a motion to compel for the information it was evident why the Plaintiffs had withheld this information. Upon being interviewed by a third party, all three would be clients cited "poor communication" and "bad business practices" for canceling their contract with Hopscotch Adoptions.
    When asked if they knew Vanessa Kachadurian, they stated they did not.
    When asked if they knew Sonia Vigiliante all the couples stated they had communicated with her or knew of her.