Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Armenian Adoption-Armenian TV Stars visit Orphanage

Hayk is a very special friend of mine and this group has vowed to return, many are applying to adopt the children. They will in the future hold special events for families in Armenia to help decrease the social orphan population .

VANADZOR. - Armenian movie and theatre stars visited Vanadzor city orphanage on Thursday. The initiative came from the Armenian benefactor living in Italy Arthur Asatryan. With his financial support Armenian actors visited Kharberd’s N 1, Gyumri’s N 3 orphanages and on Thursday they visited Vanadzor’s orphanage.
The actor Gnel Ulikhanyan mentioned that the visit is a volunteer action and the aim of it is to show the children that they are not separated from society. The action will also take place in retirement homes.
Sundukyan theatre actor Hayk Haykazyan called everyone to help the orphanage children; even they do not have money, since just visiting the orphanage is sometimes enough. Vanadzor’s orphanage has 103 children of the ages 0-18. The youngest child is 2 months old.
The orphanage children presented dances and songs for expressing their thanks.
The actors were touched seeing the joy of the children, they promised to visit the orphanage at least once a year.

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