Thursday, April 19, 2012

Armenian Adoption programs expanded at Adoption Agencies to include special needs

Great News! Carolina Adoption Services Armenia We are pleased to announce that we are accepting new families hoping to adopt children with special needs and/or children 5 years and older! There are many children with special needs in Armenia waiting for you. At this time our infant program remains full to new families Adopt Abroad Armenian Adoptions **Currently we are accepting applicants only into the Special needs waiting child program** Introduction to Adopt Abroad, Inc. and our Armenian Adoption Program And we do have a well known Adoption Attorney that is fully acrediated and respected in Armenia that is now conducting adoptions in Armenia. She currently is working on completing the adoptions for 8 Armenian couples.


  1. can you plese give me the name of the attorney, my husband and I are adopting a child from armenia. Despite our many connections and family there, we hit a snag in the USA because it is our main place of residence.

  2. Please e mail me at

    will gladly discuss with you.