Thursday, April 12, 2012

Armenian Adoptions- Adoption of disabled children

While Armenian citizens leave their mentally and physically disabled children, they are adopted in Italy, France, United States in the framework of the inter-country adoption. The adopting families from overseas are exempt from paying several taxes in their countries, Armenia’s Ministry of Labor informed Armenian According to the Ministry of Labor, there are 9,000 disabled children in Armenia, 550 were left by their parents. The adoption of healthy children is typically problematic in Armenia. Almost no one adopts disabled children. For adopting a disabled child the family gets an allowance of $1200 and other benefits in Sweden. In Armenia the allowance is AMD 18,000 or around $50. Armenian citizens throughout the world refuse to adopt disabled children, the head of Armenian Labor Ministry Children’s Department Lena Hayrapetyan told Armenian “If the child has a missing finger or can’t see properly he can still become a member of the society,” she added. “If the family refuses to keep the child, the state takes care of the child.” Last week we got wonderful news that 8 American couples that are working with a prominent Adoption Attorney (who has full Hague Acrediation) are finalizing their adoptions in Armenia. This Attorney is known by US Congress and by officials in Armenia, Please pray for these 8 couples in the next few days as we honor our 97 year of recognizing the slaughter of our ancestors and the 150,000 Armenian orphans "Remains of the sword" Please also say "Thanks" to those Americans who are willing to adopt the non correctable special needs children. This is a huge unselfish act. Armenia is getting more and more pediatric and rehabilitation training for the special needs children. They no longer have to be "reserved" in the room at the top of the stairs and adopted out. Armenia will provide for all of her children.

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