Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Armenian Adoption Adventure - Hollywood star George Clooney arrested and handcuffed in Washington Suda...

Without a doubt one of my biggest heros who stands up to bigots, human rights violations and is a friend to all who have suffered the atrocities of Genocide and other violations.  Not only did George get arrested his father also was arrested.  There was also many Armenians protesting against human rights violations.  Getting arrested for protecting the rights of others is an honor that many of us have shared.  None of it stays on record - especially the bullshit Citizen's Arrest.  George Clooney is brave and has more respect from everyone because of this.  More than I can say about a particular Internet Attorney with a gratis radio blog, writes free for rags he claims he get's awards at, then tries to pass himself off as some sort of celebrity with an agent that can't get him any bookings. 
Keep up the good work all of you that fight for human rights, they cannot silence you and the truth always prevails. 

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