Monday, September 10, 2012

Armenian Adoptions and Moroccan notice

Many folks waiting for Armenian children have been persuaded to adopt from Morocco. Not sure why an adoption agency would "bait then switch" But here is the NEW ruling from the state department on adopting as a non-Muslim. Notice: Ministry of Justice Plans to Review Kafala Laws and Procedures On July 25, the Moroccan newspaper Akhbar al-Youm (Today's News) published a story on Justice Minister Mostafa Rahmid's views on the granting of kafala (guardianship) to non-Muslim, non-resident foreigners. The article quotes Minister Rahmid as saying that he has decided to "stop granting guardianship of Moroccan children to foreign families", insisting that "guardianship of abandoned children is for Muslims, and foreign Muslims residing in Morocco." The Minister subsequently stated that kafala guardianship would only be considered for those foreign families who are long-term residents in Morocco. The status of pending kafala petitions by U.S. citizens is unclear. U.S. citizens wishing to obtain kafala of Moroccan children should be aware that is unclear at this time whether the courts will accept new kafala petitions. Please continue to monitor for updated information.


  1. Hey everyone SHE's BAAAccck!!

    The dragon lady of DC - remember the one that boasted about purchasing a healthy baby and how rich and successful her husband and she are. Boasts or lies about having tea with the Ambassador of Armenia (like he is a personal friend) ha ha.

    She leaves out the part how Kevie lost an election to the drunk Kennedy (Bennie's friends)

    Sonia, we thought you were getting a life, but I see that what we post is REALLY getting to you and your band of east coast buddies.

    Sonia, my friends are Social Workers in Armenia, Ministry of Chidren's Culture and Ministry of Defense. Ministry of Social Services is messed up - they are making a lot of changes.

    Eduard will have to switch tactics and have tea every Thursday with someone new.
    Poor Eduard, not paying his taxes in Armenia. All that cash unreported.

  2. We are interested in adopting from Armenia, are adoptions open from Armenia? We are open to special needs. Could you please e-mail me? Thank you!


  3. Hi There Catherine!
    We enjoyed your nice blog, lovely family and home. You are more brave than most with putting photos out - especially in this day and age.
    I take it your are from America from your blog? Open adoptions are no longer conducted with Americans now that the Hague Convention has been ratified. More of a process involved, of vetting the birth mother's information and if the child is actually relinquished.
    Here is the information from the state department, I suggest you study it and know the law in Armenia and in America very very well.
    As you can see the numbers of children adopted to the USA are not very high, not much past 20 with the majority being special needs.

    These agencies deal with special needs:

    Adopt Abroad
    California Adoption Services
    Hopscotch Adoptions

    Depending on where you are located. If on the West Coast there is another adoption agency a partnership with Adopt Abroad that is very active with home studies.

    Open adoptions are conducted with Armenian citizens only.
    Americans must follow the Hague Convention.

    Good Luck, let us know how it goes.

  4. caterine; no open adoption in armenia, open adoption in africa ghana for you.

  5. Anonymous, she can adopt from Armenia just not an open adoption. There is more to this than meets the eye.

  6. P.S. No one has been arrested at least 3 times. Besides no one really cares that matters = if someone threatens my family I am in the right and have never been guilty of a dam thing. Just like the thousands of protestors, judges, actors and other famous people arrested for defending others it is not considered anything of importance. Not so much as a blemish on my record.

    Take that loser and no one here is on medication of any kind. The one that needs medicine is Robin Sizemore who is a narcisstic liar who is getting thrown out of Morocco as we speak. Selling Muslim Children to outsiders is never right, as well as selling Armenian children to non-Armenians.

    We are in the right and good prevails over Evil ALL the time. That and knowing the law and the right people. Never have I been wrong. Not once.

  7. and it is working, the CAH is having 20 audits as we speak and will be overhauled. abuse of children or elderly is never acceptable. just ask bennet kelley about his abuse of my 80 year old parents and how it cost him his reputation.

  8. God Sonia Vigilante is such a wierdo. For someone who claims my blog is BS and written by a deranged person you sure visit this blog 2 dozen times a week.
    Face it, your baby selling buddy Robin, lost her case because truth prevails over lies. Anyone can file a lawsuit over any stupid reason. Robin is use to getting her way with her money in other countries and tried in America. It doesn't work.
    You have no clout in the USA, or in Armenia.
    Your money gets you a few healthy referrals every year and you have some very Americanized Armenians who support Robin and others because she bought them a child and they don't care HOW it was done - only that she delivered the goods.

    Eduard Amalyan has some explaning to do about not paying taxes in Armenia, while the families of those killed in the N-K conflict still live in poverty. The military doesn't like this and the selling off of children to others.

    More trouble ahead and it won't be me.
    The day that Americans have to shut up and not state the truth is a sad day for America. We are guaranteed the rights to freedom of speech and the truth.

    Keep loving Robin and her lies, she is trying too hard to be part of the circle. She actually believes she is Armenian - too strange that woman is. And SO ugly and white. But that didn't stop her lover in Armenia from having an ongoing affair with her. And what about that bio child born after "she could not concieve by her husband" I am told that she was freaked out by the time frame when the child was born and the love affair.

    All of this is catching up with her.

  9. Sonia if you were any kind of friend to your baby seller, you would advise her to stay out and away from Morocco right now. It is VERY dangerous. The thought of non-Muslims adopting their children has many people irritated. Seriously, I work with a Moroccan and 2 weeks ago we had a cab driver in SF that was from Morocco that wanted all the information on these illegal adoptions to Christians.

    Incidently, you keep coming to my blog and harassing my friends and witnesses. You must stop.
    If you cannot stand the fact that everyone doesn't love Robin Sizemore as you do, that is your sick problem.
    Robin has many enemies and those that oppose her actions and behaviors have the right to speak up.
    She was let go from Carolina Adoption Services for a reason and they were going to testify. Do you understand this?
    Can you see beyond the fact your daughter was a purchase? She has a family, a mother who loves her very much, a birthright, a culture, a language.

    This is bullshit that Robin is still promising healthy Armenian Babies to non Armenians and goofs like Rev. Stephen Whittaker. You thought you were something special? entitlement because you have 1/2 Armenian in your veins? No way, it only takes money.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you cannot handle that everyone doesn't believe as you do, then that is your problem. Your money and social standing mean nothing to any of us.

    We don't care, the only one that cares is you as you continue to try and harm me and my family. Bennet Kelley is a fool and is causing himself more harm to his already bad reputation in Los Angeles.

    We are much more powerful than him and he knows it.

    You just cannot stand the fact that I am so connected can you? You have no clout anywhere, except what your money can buy you.
    No clout at all. Poor Nancy has to put up with you.
    and the poor mother in Armenia who cries every day for her child.