Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Armenian Government will support the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)


Dr. Garo Armen started the COAF as a dream behind "it takes a village"  indeed, COAF has worked miracles in Armenia with the children and entire families.
With projects to build schools, clinics and homes the COAF projects get the parents working which is the catalyst for children being in orphanages (98% are social orphans- and have parents) 
The parents work building and receive a wage - they then can provide for their families without having to be fed, clothed and educated by an orphanage. 

What kind of future is there for Armenia with it's generations being raised by orphanages? They will become educated and take judo lessons, art lessons and music lessons at the many centers that are being built by Children of Armenia Fund. 
NOW in cooperation with the Government of Armenia.


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