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Armenian Adoption Adventure- Artificial Insemination

Under Armenian Medical Tourism there is a growing trend of Artificial Insemination in Armenia because there are so few healthy babies available for adoption. Rarely are healthy babies abandoned in Armenia, and because of the new Hague Convention restrictions there is NO independant adoptions direct with the bio/birth mother. Every adoption has to go through the Central Processing in Armenia, no more bypassing. What does this mean?
It means a longer wait, and longer investigation of the child's true status.

In the meantime, a local couple has first pick over a foreigner of the available babies and children. Then Armenian ethnic background is considered for the healthy babies. Armenians in Europe are a priority because their government deal DIRECT with the Armenian governments. Their adoptions are susidized and reimbursed by the government in Italy, France and most of Europe.

Artificial Insemination
Thirty-five babies have been born in Armenia since 2003 through artificial insemination. Another five such babies are expected to by the end of 2006.

The first artificially inseminated baby was born in Armenia in 2002. This infertility treatment is available at the Mother and Child Center. Karen Jinanian, the head of the Center's laboratory diagnosis department, said doctors from the Marseille Center for Reproduction were instrumental in helping their Armenian counterparts to attain success in this area.

The French Center installed state-of-the art equipment in Yerevan Center. Couples from the USA, Holland, Russia and Germany have come to Armenia to get AI treatment.


YEREVAn, MARCH 26, 2007 NOYAN TAPAN. Yerevan's Scientific Research Center on Health Care of Mother and Child is the only one in Armenia where insemination outside the mother's body is done. Karen Jinanian, Head of the Laboratory Diagnostic Unit of the center, told NT correspondent about it. According to him, this field of medical science has been established in Armenia and it is not inferior to those in other countries: 100-200 inseminations outside the mother's body is done in the country annually, with efficency making up 25-40% as throughout the world. K. Jinanian said that two programs on insemination outside the mother's body are currently being implemented at the center. The first program, which has been implemented since 2002, aims to eliminate problems related to fertility of women. By the way, the first 3 babies were born under this program in February 2003. The second program implemented since 2006 aims to overcome men's problems related to fertility. The first baby with the use of this method was born in Armenia recently - on February 8. On the whole, until now over 100 babies have been born in Armenia as a result of insemination outside the mother's body. In the words of K. Jinanian, these children do not differ in anything from other children born in the natural way. He explained that insemination outside the mother's body ensures genetic heredity. "This allows Armenian men to be more confident and bold as no donor sperm is used in this case," the laboratory head said. An insemination outside the mother's body done at the center costs 700-1,000 dollars, whereas, for example, it costs 25 thousand dollars in the US. K. Jinanian pointed out that in addition to Armenian citizens, those from other countries: the US, Russia, Georgia have applied to the center. According to the RA Ministry of Health, no official statistics on sterility of women of reprodictive age exist in Armenia. According to the same source, 3.4% of women examined in 1998 had primary sterility, and about 28.5% - secondary sterility.

This is a GREAT option for Armenians who want a baby with Armenian ethnicity and for those that are childless. Many cannot wait through the uncertain waters of adoption. If you want to increase your chances somewhat, ask for a child from 9 months to 48 months, it could increase your odds. Healthy boys are even more rare as the country needs them for the military. I never wanted a baby as I personally believe the mother should stay home with the baby the first 4-5 years. That is not possible with my work schedule (although I am permitted to work from home on occasion) thank goodness for the company's wireless remote computer, sype, cell phones and more.

I am told this is big in Armenia not just with diaspora Armenians wishing for a baby but for a few local couples. It is not a bad deal you can monitor the process, fly in to visit with the woman carrying your baby and become close with her. Or you can go through the procedure yourself. Please consider an older child to adopt whenever you can, they are sweet kids just looking for a home and family to call theirs. Or consider a special needs child, whatever you can handle.

The medical care is outstanding in Armenia, we have a couple of medical universities. I frequently stay at a flat that houses medical students from India (by way of England) The older children usually have dental issues, but their is a few GREAT dentists that I have taken the kids to. I have even had dental work there and they are cheap, they use the same equipment as my dentist in the USA.

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