Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Armenian Adoption Adventure-Adoption and Trafficking discussed in Yerevan


Discussion on adoption and trafficking issuesToday in Yerevan took place a meeting and discussion on “Adoption and Trafficking issues in Armenia”. The discussion was held by the Armenian office of Zech organization “People in Need”.

“It’s wrong to say that there is no children Trafficking in Armenia. There is,” mentioned Tatevik Bezhanyan the coordinator of the “People in Need” Armenian office.

According to him there has been conducted an investigation on being informed about the children’s trafficking, however, according to her, it is difficult to discover all the cases concerning trafficking.”

“I don’t have facts under my hand proving that there have been cases in Armenia of trafficking after the adoption of children, but there are cases like this in the world, ” T. Bezhanyan said.


  1. thanks for the information it is very helpful to us. can you have your friends in armnenia send more information about the current status of adoptions. i know you had said there are currently 10 adoptions to the usa for this current year. do they have any projections for next year? will it improve or stay the same?
    keep up the good work. thanks for the contact information we are going to armenia in decemver.
    Lucine Petrossyan

  2. Bareve Lucy;
    Thanks, will get as much information for you as possible. There is so many improvements and changes to the internal programs it is hard to say about the future. Right now the aim is for Armenia to strengthen the family unit because of the large migration away from Armenia.
    We need better education to mothers of special needs children. They have many old taboos and fears, but they are learning that there is support if they keep their children.
    Thanks, hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you at the next Christianing event.
    We have some photos somewhere from our last fundraiser with the Chamlians, etc., Will dig out and post.
    UAL leaves in 2 weeks from LAX for more supplies for the holidays. We scored some slightly used medical equipment, analyzers, diabetic monitors (very much needed) and insulin.

  3. Here is the latest report:
    UAF's 137th Airlift Delivers
    $3.6 Million of Aid to Armenia

    Glendale, CA - The United Armenian Fund's 137th airlift arrived
    in Yerevan on March 11, delivering $3.6 million of humanitarian

    The UAF itself collected $2.9 of medicines and medical supplies for
    this flight, most of which were donated by AmeriCares ($2,100,000);
    Operation Blessing/Armenia Fund U.S.A. ($570,000); Brothers Brother
    Foundation ($266,000) and Catholic Medical Mission Board ($39,000).

    Other organizations which contributed goods for this airlift were:
    Armenian General Benevolent Union ($213,000); Michael Der Boghosian
    from Boston Medical Center ($166,000); Dr. Stephen Kashian ($65,000);
    Nork Marash Medical Center ($42,000) and Armenian Missionary
    Association of America ($28,000).

    Also contributing to this airlift were: Howard Karagheusian
    Commemorative Corp ($19,000): Armenian Relief Society ($15,000) and
    Armenian American Health Association of Greater Washington ($9,000).

    Since its inception in 1989, the UAF has sent $428 million of
    humanitarian assistance to Armenia on board 137 airlifts and 1,285
    sea containers.

    The UAF is the collective effort of the Armenian Assembly of America,
    the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the Armenian Missionary
    Association of America, the Armenian Relief Society, the Diocese of
    the Armenian Church of America, the Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic
    Church of America and the Lincy Foundation.