Sunday, October 10, 2010

Armenian Adoption Adventure- STEP 1

Start at the State Department web site and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Note the number of children being exported and keep informed of the ever changing laws. The best thing is to take a trip to Armenia and meet everyone that has to do with Adoptions.
1 )Social Ministry Office
2 )Translators office (e mail me I can get you information)
3 )Speak to some of the Orphanage Directors, (difficult but not impossible if they know your family or friends.
4 )If you still want to move forward, find an ASP (Adoption Service Provider) and they will hopefully direct you to a responsible home study agency and the wording you need for Armenia. Be careful here, my first time out I was stuck with an approved home study but it was by a 26 year old with no License for Social Work. She had a MSW and worked under another LCSW's license who ended up leaving that Agency.

Currently there are 4 Adoption Service Providers for Armenia, here they are in alphabetical order:
Adopt Abroad
Adoption Related Services, Inc.
Carolina Adoption Services**
Hopscotch Adoptions

** The oldest operating program in Armenia.

Other web sites to research:
Foreign Ministry office of Armenia
US Embassy in Armenia (purchase Visas)
Ministry of Social Affairs (Armenia)
Women and Children section




    The above link has the accurate number of Armenian children adopted and by country of designation.