Friday, December 24, 2010

Armenian Adoptions to the USA- Numbers and additional information

Thank you for the inquires from Jordan, Israel, France and Italy, Armenia is very receptive to these countries and adoption. Israel still has a very strong Armenian community in the Armenian quarter of old Jerusalem. The numbers lately have been more adoptions to France and Italy. Canada has halted their adoption programs because of the issues in Ethiopia, Vietnam but it is looking postive that it may be re opened. Here are the number of adoptions from Armenia to America, up to 2009. 2010 will be about 10 adoptions.

It is very important not to just understand your countries laws on immigrating a child to your country but you must understand Armenia's laws too. The Armenian Embassy in your country can help, I would recommend getting the contact information for the Armenian Embassy in Armenia and your Embassy that will issue your visas.

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